Wednesday, 29 July 2009

PORK 1: The Debut

Made on 4th April 2009. This was my first ever attempt at making a radio(-esque) show. Life was good, and I wanted to play a bunch of grindcore and goregrind and death metal, having a bit of a rabbit between each song. I succeeded! Here, have a listen (hit the big play button!).

  1. Annotations Of An Autopsy -- Gore Gore Gadget
  2. Obituary -- Slowly We Rot
  3. Mumakil -- Pigs On Fire
  4. Dying Fetus -- Born In Sodom
  5. Fleshrot -- Parasite
  6. The Berzerker -- Corporal Jigsore Quandary
  7. 3 Inches Of Blood -- Deadly Sinners
  8. Sadus -- Man Infestation
  9. Suffocation -- Abomination Reborn
  10. Usurper -- Kill For Metal
  11. Nasum -- Revolution II
Other crap
I think the fact that my flatmate walked into the living room just as the first song finished helped set the tone -- as in, literally, helped me get the right speaking tone going on. Not only was I telling my listeners (hah!) who the song was, I was telling him. So I sounded nicely conversational because I was having a conversation, but I carried on in that vein. Thing is though, really, all I was doing was copying what I've heard all my life: people chatting away between songs. I thought it came out OK.

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