Thursday, 30 July 2009

PORK 3: Third Time's The Farm

A laughable mix of professionalism and amateurism. I forked out cash for a half-decent USB headset/headphone combo so I could get a better sound for my talking bits, and then didn't even see how it worked -- just plugged it in and wittered on, only finding out when I came to edit it that it sounded SHIT. Tried to edit the buzz away with some freeware the next day but mostly failed. So you have been warned -- I sound terrible!

The opening track is an incredible bit of oinkery, utterly brutal. I know next to nothing about most of the bands though, and the ones I do know about I know far less than others have already written. I just love listening to them, innit. Now then, the photo and a few of the songs (from the most obscure bands) came from a batch of CDs I bought from Grindethic records. I mainly went there to buy the Blasphtized split CD, but ended up coughing up for more. More is good.


Autopsy have reformed to play at the Maryland Deathfest in 2010, which I am actually considering saving up to go to. Who knows!

  1. Amputated Repugnance - Gutted Like A Pig
  2. Ulcerrhoea - Stagnated
  3. Animals Killing People - Glue Traps For Humans
  4. Subcut - Determinando As Vontades A Inercia
  5. Autopsy - Severed Survival
  6. Cattle Decapitation - Success Is... (Hanging By The Neck)
  7. Terrorizer - Legacy Of Brutality
  8. The Misfits - She
  9. Manowar - Gloves Of Metal (Live)
  10. Progeriac - Three Planet Theory

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