Thursday, 30 July 2009

PORK 2: Sophomoric Swill

Well, I had so much fun making the first one that the second couldn't come soon enough. I basically just picked a few bands -- easy, since I was trying not to duplicate it, but it was only my second show -- and then almost randomly chose a song from each. But I'd already decided that the opener had to be something really pig-like, and for that I ventured into the unknown. The whole experience of making the first show had reignited my love of this stuff and I was hunting down free music from filthy bands across the 'net. The opening song's really not very good, but the intro is AWESOME. I hear that drinking a cup of tea while listening to it might not be sensible ;-) SNORT

  1. Anal Nosorog - Carpathian Swine
  2. Blasphtized - John The Blasphtist
  3. Converge - Hellbound
  4. Satyricon - K.I.N.G.
  5. No Security - Fegis
  6. Rotten Sound - Doom
  7. Rotten Sound - Suffer
  8. Disgorge - In The Acro Cianotye Post Cloning Ectopysm
  9. Carcass - Doctrinal Expletives
  10. Slayer - Jesus Saves
  11. Blockheads - Horned Totem
  12. Severe Torture - Meant To Suffer

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